House Clearance

Why does it cost so much?

Customers far and wide always say why is it so expensive or look at you to say really?

Yes really the prices are there for a reason let us give you an example.

  1. Waste disposal (We cannot just take it to a local tip for FREE) we have to pay around £150+ per tonne depending where you are in the country.
  2. Additional disposal costs - Mattresses, Wee waste, Fridge/Freezers, Plaster board, Florescent Tubes, Paints and oils, unfortunately we get charged separate so we have to pass them on to you. 
  3. Labor costs we can't do it just with on person.
  4. Licence's and insurance
  5. Diesel and vehicle costs

These are just an example of some of the costs that need to be taken in to account when quoting and accepting a job.

Yes there maybe items we could sell for you to make up the bill but unfortunately most sale able items are normally already removed from the property before we get there. If there are items we would let you know however we would have to take a commission due to the fact we would have to store and try and sell them ourselves.

If the items are not sold within 3 months we normally take them to a charity we use Acorns Children's Hospice.

 What do we do when we do a quote?

Most of our quotes are done in person we love to meet and greet you beforehand at the property that needs clearing. We walk around the property taking pictures or even videos so we can get you the best quote. We normally would then sit down with you and discuss what you would like us to save or try and sell for you.

We have a few documents for you to sign just to cover our company because we are a professional company and we take pride in what we do and our name and our customers mean the world to us.

Okay so we now say our goodbyes and get down to the estimate, we review the pictures and the sale able items. Within 24hrs you will receive your quote once you have accepted we will then discuss the date of execution and the terms of payment we would ask for a part payment upfront and the final payment on completion. 

After the work as been completed you will receive a waste transfer note(s) and an invoice so everything we take away is legally disposed of.


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