About Us

What is it that we are trying to achieve? 

We at FJS PROPERTY CLEARANCE LTD are committed to serve the customer with the up most respect. We are committed to transfer your waste from your property weather it be a office space, shop or your home. We are committed to establish your waste to be UPCYCLED, RECYCLED or sent to LANDFILL.

We want to send as little as possible to landfill to save the environment.

All jobs are tracked so you know where your waste as been sent and what as happened to it.
We have had the pleasure with working with a school in Uttoexter and various other businesses, we have been rated a 5 star company by all our customers so far which we are extremely delighted with.

Where do we want to be in the not so distant future? 

Well we want to be at the top dominating the market and we don't see why we can't be. We have so many services to offer under one company. Which makes it easier for you as a paying customer. 
  Remember you as the paying customer you are always king. We are not a £20 social media man with a van. We are a professional house clearance company with the added extras. The prestige of companies. We go the extra mile for you our main goal is to make you smile.
  We have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people everyone as been memorable and we absolutely love it, Just sitting down and having a good old chin wag even better with a good old cuppa tea :) 

So what do we actually do?

We as a company clear properties be it the top flat of a high rise building or a bungalow. We deal with all senarios from hoarders, to inheritance, to void, to ex tenants we deal with everything. 
  We come to the address and meet you... We then discuss what needs doing within 3hrs of leaving you, You will receive a quote which outlines the costs. Please bare in mind that we have to pay to dispose your waste from £150 a tonne plus additionals such as £25 a mattress the costs can spiral out of control. This is where we come in and check everything, We walk around and take photos of the whole of the property we then study them. We then work out costs and how long it will take. Some can take one day some can take 2-3 days it all depends what needs doing. 
  We then split the items into rubbish, Charity or try and sell. The charity we use is Acorns Children's hospice. You can also ask us to sell stuff for you and we will then discuss the commission and we then put it on FJS Vintage or through auctions but you will get a lot no. so you know if it as sold you will then receive your funds :)